Alt-Pop Singer Sofia Lafuente Share Her New Song ‘Madrugada’

Sofia Lafuente has released her new song titled “Madrugada“, a song that showcases her soft yet powerful voice. It is a magnificent work from the alt-pop singer and songwriter.

The year has gotten off to a strong start for Sofia Lafuente with the release of “Madrugada”, her debut single entirely in Spanish.

Sofia was raised in London by her Spanish mother and American father after being born in the United States, she first turned to music as an outlet for her trans-continental upbringing when she was a young child.

Sofia wants to truly connect with her Spanish heritage with this new song and make history by releasing a fully Spanish-language single for the first time.

Speaking of the track, Sofia says, “The track was actually written over Zoom, because the producer was in LA and at the time I was in London. I had been experimenting with writing full songs in Spanish and I presented the idea to Sal (Salvador Moratillo) the producer, who also speaks Spanish so I was able to explain and work through the idea with him in a super organic way”.

She also shares what inspired the track by adding that, “It was inspired by talking to a friend who after years of ending a relationship still felt as if she might have made a mistake. It’s about the ‘what if’s’ that can keep you up at night, the letter you write to an ex but never send and ultimately the one that got away”.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Madrugada” by Sofia Lafuente below.


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