LaLion Unveils New Single ‘A Lie’ From ‘GET UP’ EP

“A Lie” is the lead single from the new EP GET UP! from singer, songwriter, rapper and producer LaLion.

Speaking about the track, LaLion says, “‘A Lie’ is a song from the perspective of two lovers who are bank robbers. With one of them trying to ease the other into believing that everything will be alright claiming that he’ll ‘never tell a lie’.

The first verse details the couple robbing the bank claiming ‘this is a bitter robbery, but no one hidden has to bleed,’ meaning ‘just give me the money and no one has to get hurt.’ The second verse details the thoughts the man has while escaping from the bank, he’s been shot and may die, but still in his mind he’s going over the troublesome relationship he has with his partner”.

Since he was six years old, the unpredictably artistic LaLion (real name Grant Lalaian) has been playing music, mastering the guitar and any other instrument that was at the time in the house.

He was a part of a number of unsuccessful bands between the ages of 13 and 16. Then, at the age of 17, he abandoned the band dynamic, bought a $20 microphone, and started right away putting out music independently. Since then, he has been releasing mixtapes and a new song every week.

Within the first two years of his career, he released a single titled “Be Jay-Z” which amassed over 1.5 million streams and booked him a spot on Skyzoo’s “In Celebration of Us” tour across Washington.

LaLion has amassed over 37 million streams on Spotify alone as of this writing, and he has no intention of stopping down. We are sure he will receive his crown soon.

Listen to “A Lie” below:


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