Alternative Pop Riser Tycho Jones Unveils New Track ‘Pink + Blue’

London-based alt-pop artist Tycho Jones is back with another exhilarating single, “Pink + Blue,” following the success of their previous hit, “Risk To My Reward.”

Tycho Jones, praised by Clash as a “London riser” and by Complex UK as an “Alt Pop Wonder,” continues to solidify their position as an artist to watch in the music scene.

“Pink + Blue” showcases Tycho Jones at their most authentic and uninhibited, with captivating vocal melodies and stunning guitar-driven choruses. The infectious guitar hook, the 00s-inspired drum patterns, and the uplifting lyrics make it impossible not to feel the joy and positivity in the song.

According to Tycho Jones, “Pink + Blue is about focusing on an optimistic view of the future and not getting consumed by mundane problems.”

Tycho Jones first gained recognition with their 2021 debut mixtape, Tychonaut, which masterfully captures the emotions, dislocation, and anxiety of being young in an uncertain world. Their natural talent for songwriting and lyricism is evident throughout their work.

After receiving a grant to collaborate with a choreographer, Tycho Jones has been developing their live show, incorporating their background in trapeze and creating a unique physical experience for the audience. With a live band and a distinctive on-stage persona, Tycho Jones is ready for even bigger stages.

Signed to Hoxton-based independent record label Globe Town Records right after finishing their A-Levels, Tycho Jones has been a dedicated contributor to the East London indie label’s community of artists.

With a focus on collectivity and using their art to represent the experiences of others, Tycho Jones has received praise from industry giants such as Elton John, BBC presenters Matt Wilkinson and Jack Saunders, and more.

The music video for “Don’t Be Afraid,” the lead single from Tycho’s mixtape, was nominated for a UK VMA and selected by Virgil Abloh for his final exhibition, Coming of Age, in partnership with the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

With a fast-growing reputation and their unique sound, Tycho Jones is poised for even greater success in the future. Listen to their new track “Pink + Blue” below!


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