Alternative Rap Artist Dylan Owen Releases ‘In The Corner’ With Kinetics And One Love

As part of the 10-year anniversary deluxe re-issue of his Keep You Friends Close album, New York alternative rap artist Dylan Owen has unveiled his single “In The Corner” featuring Kinetics and One Love.

The track comes on the back of the successful re-release of the project’s first single “Old Friends, Reunited”, with Dylan explaining that the song is “inspired by being in the middle of tension, and holding on to what has already gone away“.

“In The Corner” is a collaboration between friends that sees Dylan trading rapid fire rap verses with Kinetics, accompanied by an emotional hook thanks to folk singer Lydia Kaseta, with lo-fi producer Skinny Atlas and Los Angeles’s naebird co-producing the track for Dylan.

Dylan Owen hails from a sleepy small town in Orange County in New York and is flying the flag for artists and listeners from nowhere towns (as he puts it) by providing them with a soundtrack to their lives and a navigation device, thanks to his songs of introspection and wonder and struggle.

With breakout EPs like There’s More To Life and Keep Your Friends Close under his belt, Dylan has managed to build a community for his music and art. As for what keeps him going, Dylan says it’s his ongoing quest to carve out meaning from his journey for himself and others, and to give it away so that it might empower his listeners, who prove to him time and time again that there is more to life.

Listen to “In The Corner” below:


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