Amazon Announces First Italian Original Film ‘Dog Years’ | Film News


Once again the streaming platform giant Amazon Prime Video is creating new content for us to be entertainment with. The platform is in the works for their first-ever Italian original film titled Dog Years translated from the Italian Annie Da Cane.


The film will be directed by Fabio Mollo from the drama film South Is Nothing and will have Mary Stella Brugiati and Alessandro Bosi as the writers. Regarding the story, it is all about a young teenager, Stella, who is a messy, sceptical and ingenious person.


Where the story really gets interesting is when she gets into an accident with a dog, and then decides to count her age in dog years, with each year now counting as seven years according to her. By the time she is sixteen, she is – in dog years – about the centennial, and to make the most of her life, she puts together a bucket-list of all the things she wants to do before she dies.


Notion Pictures will be producing the film, which marks a new step forward for the streaming giant, and especially for Amazon Originals in Italy, with Nicole Morganti, head of Amazon Originals Italy, adding that, “Anni da cane marks an important milestone for Amazon Studios in Italy […] We are excited to kick-off our movie production with a prestigious partner such as Notorious Pictures“.


The film should be released on the platform by the Autumn, but we don’t have a precise date yet or any trailers for the film. We’ll keep you posted as things develop, and according to reports, Dog Years surely won’t be the only Italian production coming to Amazon this year.



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