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San Diego singer and creative thomTide has released a brand new song titled “daysSince”. This track continues in his usual style which is indie, rock mixed with a pop style. The singer is slowly growing throughout his music.


The singer has been very innovative with his music and with the combination of his voice and instruments accompanying him. This song is taken from his EP Winter and is quite short at only 2 minutes and a bit, but that doesn’t mean that the power of the song isn’t put forward here as well as his talent.


For this track, he is accompanied by a violin, piano, and drums and at the beginning, we only hear instruments, it is once we arrive at 30 seconds that Thom comes in and starts to sing. There is a really good balance between his voice that slides on with the instruments, we can feel the emotions through this song.


This single is the conclusion of his Winter EP, with thomTide commenting that, “daysSince as a whole is about living in the present moment; the space in the middle between your memory of the past and your imagination of the future“.


The song is very poetical, he puts his feelings and his emotions out there but in a well-written way. Talking about memories, making new ones because he seems to be changing, not being the same person as he was once. Like he is on a new cycle of his life.


We are excited to soon hear more of this rising singer. Maybe a new album or EP on the way or a new single, we will have to wait and see for that, because according to his EP/album program, we should get Spring and Summer soon. Will it be these titles for the EP or something new, we don’t know yet.


Listen to “daysSince” here:




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