Amazon Casts Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey & More In ‘Modern Love’ Anthology Series | TV News


Amazon Studios have reportedly set up an all-star cast for their upcoming comedy anthology series, Modern Love. Based on the New York Times column and a weekly podcast, the cast includes Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Dev Patel, Catherine Keener, John Slattery, Andy Garcia, and Olivia Cooke.


Along with that impressive cast, Amazon has also put together an exciting slate of directors for multiple episodes of the series. Emmy Rossum will helm an episode, as will Sharon Horgan and Tom Hall. Horgan will reportedly helm the episode which stars Fey and Slattery, which she has also written, while Rossum will direct an episode penned by the late Audrey Wells.


John Carney will serve as showrunner for Modern Love, and the series is expected to focus on “a myriad of complicated and awe-inspiring concepts of love”. Carney said in a statement:


“It’s like I woke up in the actor candy store. We’ve managed to assemble a dream cast of my favourite actors. It’s a testament to the reach of the original column and of how, now more than ever, love is the only certainty”.


Little else is known about the series outside of the brief quote above, but greenlighting this show fits in line with Amazon’s recent decision to focus on bigger shows, as opposed to the smaller, indie ones that they were known for during the Amazon Pilot Season era.


While Modern Love isn’t “big” in the same vein as, say, the Lord Of The Rings series, getting this kind of star power on board is a big coup, and will absolutely be a big subscriber driver when the show eventually premieres, likely around Valentine’s Day of 2020.



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