Amazon Pulls Controversial Nazi Adorned NY Subway Ads | TV News



So Amazon decided that plastering Nazi iconography in New York’s subway trains to promote their new show Man in the High Castle was a good idea, “bad publicity is good publicity” or however the mantra goes. This piece of viral promotion didn’t go well with New York passengers contacting the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) voicing their disapproval. As a result the advertising has been removed.


The promotion was tied into the setting of Amazon’s latest show Man in the High Castle which is set in an alternate reality 1960 America where the Nazi’s won WW2, splitting power between the Germans and their then allies the imperial Japanese. Because the adverts adorned the seating, passengers were forced to sit down with Nazi iconography in clear view making it almost impossible to avoid.


Complaints such as those from the Anti-Defamation League called for the ads to be removed, saying the advertising didn’t provide enough context to passengers for the altered Nazi imagery that’s crossed with the U.S. flag. It’s clear that Amazon wanted to provoke a reaction and clearly they got it.



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