Amazon Studios Pick Up Cate Blanchett Lucille Ball Biopic | Film News


In their latest effort to challenge the ever growing success of Netflix, Amazon Studios have pledged Aaron Sorkin‘s upcoming Lucille Ball biopic – currently titled Lucy and Desi with Cate Blanchett attached to star.


It is the studio’s second solo distribution title after Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel, as announced last week. It follows Amazon’s co distribution approach to The Big Sick and Manchester By The Sea alongside Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions, respectively.


Sorkin’s script follows Lucille Ball’s 20-year marriage to Desi Arnaz, whom she starred with on the legendary I Love Lucy. The pair had two children before divorcing in 1960, Ball remarrying to Gary Morton the following year.


The film is destined to be a good one; Aaron Sorkin’s talents as a writer won him an Academy Award for 2010’s The Social Network, and he has the likes of A Few Good Men (1992) and Moneyball (2011) to his name.


Cate Blanchett, undoubtedly one of the greatest actresses of our time, adds further promise to the project. Two-time Academy Award winner for The Aviator (2004) and Blue Jasmine (2013), she has a plethora of masterpieces under her belt, dare I note the criminally snubbed Carol (2015). She is no stranger to biopics, performing as Elizabeth I, Katharine Hepburn, and Bob Dylan in past works. Where does it end?


The project is a long time coming, with Blanchett first attached two years ago. The news means the film is finally materialising, and it’s certainly something to watch out for. If you need to satiate your thirst for Cate, you can next see her in Thor: Ragnarok (October 2017) and Ocean’s Eight (June 2018).



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