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True Skin


It has been announced that Amazon have acquired the rights to Sci-Fi short True Skin; a look into the not-too-distant future where humans augment their bodies with cybernetic implants.


The hero of the piece can’t afford the implants in America (so no change in their healthcare system then) and heads to Bangkok. Once there, he discovers a mysterious chip that is slowly turning him robotic and is wanted by a sinister organisation.


True Skin took the internet by storm back in 2012 when it surfaced as a short film by Stephen Zlotescu. It was so well received that after less than a week Warner Bros. nabbed it for a feature-length version for Harry Potter‘s David Heyman to produce, agreeing to allow Zlotescu to redirect.


However, those plans went out of the window when the rights lapsed and Amazon promptly picked them up, intending to adapt it into a one-hour series. Zlotescu is still attached to direct the project but David Heyman has been replaced by Scott Glassgold and his production company, Ground Control.


Amazon seem intent on keeping the majority of the original team together, perhaps recognising that breaking them up would also break apart the appeal of the original film. Therefore, Zlotescu’s VFX partner from the original short, Vlad Caprini, will once again provide the visual effects through their VFX company Opticflavor. However, it is unknown whether Zlotescu’s mysertious cinematographer, known only as H1, is also attached to the project.


True Skin is currently searching for writers and has no prospective release date. To see the original True Skin short, see below.




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