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Unlike the original series the follows the struggles and surivival of Rick, Carl, Daryl and Glenn, Fear the Walking Dead has something quite special that sets it apart from its progenitor. Putting into consideration that FTWD does not actually have a source material, the writers have the privilege of writing the story they way they see fit.


But of course this isn’t without its restriction, as Executive Producer Gale Ann Hurd explains during an interview with Digital Spy.


There is no source material, so we do get to make it up as we go along. But I think it’s important for it never to veer into the totally unexpected just for shock value.” she explained “Dave Erickson – the showrunner who created the series along with Robert Kirkman – has said, first and foremost, this should be a dysfunctional family story – but with zombies.


Fear The Walking Dead hasn’t strayed too far from the original’s first three seasons, of which the majority focused on the familial issues between Rick and Lori. However FTWD has succeeded in extending this notion to a far more engaging extent, isolating the issues within a small group trying to survive the first year of the initial outbreak.


Hurd also explained that “So the stakes are life and death, but we have to care about these characters – which means we can’t just kill them all off.“. So we suppose we wouldn’t really get a similar feel to that of TWD’s sixth season finale, hopefully.


All in all there seems to be a lot to look forward to with the new series, which seems to be set in converging its story with fellow spin-off Flight 462.



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