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American Gods, the adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s acclaimed supernatural novel, itself became critically acclaimed after a stellar first season which revelled in hyper-stylised mythology and a violent battle between the old gods and the new. It was a visually striking show, and importantly for the Starz network, a ratings hit.


Thus fans will be disappointed to hear that showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green have departed the series. The split is said to have come because Fuller and Green clashed with Production Company FreemantleMedia after the creative duo pushed to increase the show’s already substantial budget.


A second season of the show was commissioned back in May, and season two episodes were already reaching an approximate budget of $10 million each. Reportedly half of the season two scripts have already been written for what was intended to be a mid-2018 premiere. No replacement showrunner has yet been named so it’s unknown at this time if the creative changes will push back the premiere.


It’s possible this whole thing gets worked out with the duo returning if the budget does indeed get raised, but if not, it’s a blow for fans of the show. Fuller and Green will be ok though, with Green having an incredible year, having already written Logan, Blade Runner 2049 and Murder On The Orient Express, while Fuller already has a reboot of Amazing Stories lined up at Amazon.


American Gods was once deemed unadaptable. Fuller and Green proved that was not the case, but can the show remain as consistently good without them?



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