‘American Horror Story’ May Get Radioactive Next Season | TV News


American Horror Story is known for keeping secrets. Not only are the characters kept secret but most of the time you won’t find much about a new season until a month or two before it airs. But now the Twitter account AHSLeaks pointed out a trademark filing from Twentieth Century FOX that could at least give some hint.


American Horror Story: Radioactive. The title paired with the statement that season 8 will be set in the future, leading to theories coming from everywhere. But if you think about it, this could be done in so many ways. Zombies? Post-apocalyptic scenery? Possible but, knowing Ryan Murphy, it will be something that we can’t even think about at the moment. And maybe this title is just a fake working title?


There isn’t much that the fans can work with but it is sure that this snippet will generate excitement. After all, we know something else for sure. American Horror Story oldie Sarah Paulson will also star in this season. After 7 seasons, Paulson and Evan Peters are the only actors that appeared in every one of them. Will Evan Peters be in this one, too? All we can do is wait for Ryan Murphy to tell us more.



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