Amsterdam Songstress Pieternel Unveils Acoustic Version Of ‘Underneath This Skin’

In April of this year, Pieternel released a full band version of her song “Underneath This Skin,” which has consistently maintained a spot on the Airplay Top 200 since its release.

Now, the Amsterdam-based songstress has decided to revisit the track, crafting an acoustic version that delivers a dreamy summer vibe to listeners. The acoustic version of “Underneath This Skin” truly emphasizes Pieternel’s mastery of vocals and harmonies.

Combined with dreamy guitar strings, the song mirrors the courage and vulnerability the artist embodies. The song was penned by Pieternel and René van Mierlo and produced by Bram Dorelijers at De BasisStudio, Nijmegen.

Known for her distinct Americana music style, Pieternel intertwines elements of classic country music with modern pop and folk. With a powerful yet soothing voice, she shares stories deeply personal to her, presenting an intimate portrait of her life experiences.

Pieternel stepped into the music scene with her EP “All Night Cafe” in 2018, followed by her debut full-length album Roosevelt Island — an independent project released under her own label.

Before recording this album, Pieternel made multiple songwriting trips to NYC and Nashville, drawing inspiration from the dynamic music scenes in these cities.

The album was subsequently recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, and was produced by Grammy award-winning producer Femke Weidema and Gouden Kalf winner Helge Slikker.

Apart from “Underneath This Skin,” Pieternel has also released the singles “Ugly Beast,” “I’m Ready,” and “Lately,” all of which have received significant attention.

In addition to her band tours, she has performed solo shows as part of the program “Nashville comes to Holland” and has opened for artists such as Brandy Clark, Levi Hummon, Angeleena Presley, and Helge in the Netherlands and the USA.

Now, with the release of the acoustic version of “Underneath This Skin,” Pieternel is ready to share another dimension of her artistic expression.

Listen to “Underneath This Skin” below!


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