German Irish Artist Vi0let Shares New Single ‘Psyche’ With Kaisha

vi0let, a talented London-based German-Irish singer-songwriter, has unveiled a captivating new single, “Psyche,” in collaboration with Brighton-based artist Kaisha.

The track underscores vi0let’s trademark blend of electronic, pop, dance, soul, and R&B genres while casting light on her distinctive vocal abilities and relatable lyricism. Inspired by personal experience, “Psyche” narrates the familiar tale of unrequited love.

vi0let divulges, “I met someone early this year and developed a huge crush on them. Being the delusional girl I am, I always convince myself that people are just as obsessed with me only to find out they were in a relationship and were giving me mixed signals. I wrote ‘Psyche’ as a reflection of my experience and a means of humorously flattering myself.”

While shifting away from her R&B roots, vi0let continues to create a unique sound that resonates with listeners. This release follows her earlier tracks, “Lonely” and “Dreams,” which secured a spot on various Spotify editorial playlists and YouTube’s Young x Dazed playlist.

Born in Germany and raised amidst the rich cultural milieu of Ireland, vi0let has cultivated a deep passion for music, further enhanced by her ability to produce her own vocals and harmonies. After moving back to Germany, she began to harness her innate potential, and her career has been on the ascent ever since.

Now residing in the UK for nearly four years, she devotes her time in Brighton and London to writing, recording, and performing her music.

Through her open-diary style of songwriting, she explores various topics like relationships, feminism, self-love, and self-empowerment, allowing listeners to connect with their own experiences.

Watch the video for “Psyche” below!


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