Amy Lee – Lockdown (Teaser) | New Music


Any fan of Evanescence or Amy Lee will know that Lee is planning to release a new album with Dave Eggar on August 25 titled Aftermath. Well last night, Lee released yet another teaser for the upcoming album, featuring part of the song “Lockdown”. Fans who listen to the teaser will recognise a strong resemblance to the music released in Evanescence’s most recent album of 2011. Indeed, three years from the release of that album, Lee’s music still seems to feature that strong, hauntingly melancholic tone – a prefect soundtrack for a film named War Story.


This is in fact the first teaser for her new album that has involved Lee’s vocals, and needless to say, the vocals are amazing. This is probably one of the few tracks that involve vocals of any kind, as the album is set to be primarily instrumental tracks. This album will doubtless be a fantastic addition to Lee’s discography. Listen to the teaser below and pre-order the album here.




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