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On August 6th, Amy Lee, the lead singer of rock band Evanescence, released a thirty six second teaser for her new solo album Aftermath on Facebook, which you can view here. Lee wrote the album in partnership with composer Dave Eggar, for the upcoming film War Story, which Lee says is a dark and introspective movie.


Set for release on August 25th, the album promises to be faithful to the signature Evanescence sound, incorporating the cello to provide a haunting, melancholic melody. However, at first listen, the album sounds as though it is intended to be purely instrumental, given that there are no vocals present during the teaser video. However, Lee then went on to share with her fans, some of the upcoming lyrics to the song “Can’t Stop What’s Coming Over Me”, fans’ minds should be put to rest and should expect Lee’s vocals to be present during the album.


The lyrics she shared go, “can’t stop what’s coming, can’t stop what’s coming over me, I can’t stop what’s coming, I dream of falling into you – like sleep – not to feel, just sleep”.


In addition to this, Lee released the track listing for the ten-track album which is as follows:


1. Push the Button
2. White Out
3. Remember to Breathe
4. Dark Water
5. Between Worlds
6. Drifter
7. Can’t Stop What’s Coming
8. Voice in My Head
9. Lockdown
10. After


Anxieties have risen as to whether Lee’s production of a solo album entails the end for her band Evanescence, but with no official word from any of its members, it would be best to assume that Evanescence are still together. With the birth of Lee’s new baby boy, perhaps some downtime from Evanescence will be good for her. Will this be a good follow up to Evanescence’s self-titled album of 2011? We’ll keep you posted. Pre-order Amy Lee’s Aftermath here on iTunes.



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