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Amy Schumer is a breath of fresh air and such a boost for women everywhere. If Jennifer Lawrence is the commander of candid – Amy is the admiral. They also happen to be friends and penning a script together which is beyond perfect. Amy is however one of the best things to happen to women and young girls in recent years – in my humble opinion.


She has since the beginning been refreshingly open about everything from gender equality and reproductive rights to her weight and sex life. She’s smart and hilarious and sheds light on pressing issues – serving as wonderful role model for young girls everywhere. Proving that sexy isn’t about the size of your butt or the thickness of your hair but about being comfortable in yourself and knowing who you are and what you want.


Something she hasn’t really promoted though is revealing photographs of herself. Until now. In a new photograph from acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz, Schumer strips down to her undies. In the photograph – which promotes body acceptance – we see Schumer in underwear and high heels sipping on a cup of coffee like the total boss she is.


The photograph is a preview of the 2016 Pirelli calendar which has received a massive feminist makeover. The calendar is known for its images of half-naked supermodels. This year we are instead blessed with images of influential women like Schumer, Patti Smith and Serena Williams.  It’s a radical and much welcomed departure from the 2015 calendar which featured Gigi Hadid, amongst others, in latex.


Leibovitz revealed her vision behind the stunning photographs in a previous press conference “The goal was to be very straightforward, I wanted the pictures to show the women exactly as they are, with no pretense”. Schumer posted the photo on Instagram and Twitter along with the caption “Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless, woman”. The photo was quick to garner positive and appreciative comments, proving just how important a message body positivity is. We need more photos like this. More honesty. Thank you Amy and Annie.




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