AnFlo Releases Groovy New Single ‘Pause’

London-based Cameroonian singer, songwriter and producer AnFlo has just returned with a brand new single titled “Pause”. This release is following the release of the single “Don’t Leave Me”.

“Pause” is a groovy Afro R&B and Afro-Fusion single. It is speaking about the moment where you realize that you and your partner are no longer on the same page and the fact that in this kind of situation we need to take a little bit of time to understand each other and make it work. In her song, AnFlo is singing: “I’d rather fight for us than fight against you.”

“Pause” is a homemade and self-produced song and it was inspired by the notion that sometimes we are just thinking about giving up on things too quickly and that not all relationships should just end.

AnFlo has a passion for creating music that will stimulate every single sense and in her sound, we can hear the influence of her Cameroonian roots, R&B, Soul as well as Afropop. With all this, she can produce a unique tone with incredible vocal strength.

With her passion, she wants to challenge the listeners to reflect on themselves and on the world that surrounds them. Through 2019 and 2020, the artist already released two other singles entitled “Pathways” and “Ride or Die”. As AnFlo remains committed to creating music that feeds the soul she can be sure to get her place in the music industry.

Listen to AnFlo latest single “Pause” here:


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