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If you had money on Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and NBA superstar Steph Curry teaming up for a Netflix project, then cash in that outlandish bet right now. The duo are teaming up for an animated reboot of 70s sitcom Good Times, alongside television icon Norman Lear, who developed the original show, and The Boondocks producer Carl Jones, who will serve as creator and showrunner.


Good Times aired for six seasons from 1974 to 1979, and revolved around the Evans family as they struggle to make ends meet in inner-city Chicago. The show was the first sitcom featuring a Black two-parent family, although patriarch James Evans was killed off after Season 3 following actor John Amos‘ dispute with Lear.


For those that may be too young to remember the show, you have probably heard the catchphrase that spawned from it. If you’ve ever heard anyone yell “Dy-no-mite!” in that distinctive way, that stemmed from Good Times‘ J.J., who became a pop culture sensation during the show’s run.


MacFarlane said in a statement with Fuzzy Door’s Erica Huggins, who is also producing: “It’s a thrill to be partnering with Norman Lear and to help bring new life to his groundbreaking show Good Times, through the talent and personal stories of Carl Jones […] audiences will grow to love these classic characters all over again”.


Curry and Erick Peyton – who is producing alongside Jeron Smith via Curry’s Unanimous label – also said: “We are so excited about this project! Unanimous is all about authentic partnerships and this team felt genuine from the beginning. Good Times strives to remind us that with the love of our family we can overcome any obstacle. We think, now more than ever, the world needs to see a show with hope and positivity”.


Jones added: “It’s a dream come true to be working with the legendary talents of Norman Lear, Seth MacFarlane and Stephen Curry. We are excited to carry on the original legacy of Good Times – but now animated and a little edgier. Let’s just say the struggle has just gotten strugglier”.


If you’re going to do an animated reboot of anything, getting MacFarlane on board is probably a safe bet. Curry’s involvement is just the latest example of NBA players producing projects outside of basketball. Curry’s former teammate Kevin Durant is producing a scripted sports drama for Apple, while LeBron James has become a frequent producer on many projects, and will soon star in Space Jam 2.


With Lear and Jones also on board, and considering Netflix’s massive reach, this new version of Good Times has the potential to have similar success as the original show. Obviously how we consume media is totally different now, but there’s a great chance that a whole new generation will be introduced to what made Good Times so influential originally.



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