Anna Calvi Critiques Gender Expectations For Women | Music News


Feminism has become an increasingly popular movement amongst people today. With this surge in cultural awareness and inequality comes critique of gender expectations and, in particular, how they disadvantage women. Anna Calvi, a woman who refuses to be bound by gender roles, talked with The Independent about how, since breaking into the music scene in 2010, she’s been asked gendered questions which men wouldn’t normally receive – such as “What’s it like as a woman playing guitar?”.


This triggered a deeper discussion into how women are restricted by beauty standards. “I do shave my legs and my armpits but really, what are you being told, that you have to shave off parts of yourself? You’re not allowed to just be in the world. You’re always being told that your natural state is a bit disgusting”, Calvi laments. Whether you think the world is regressing or not in terms of gender roles, people are revealing how it has negatively affected them, which will hopefully inspire a change for the better.



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