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It’s one of those really sad stories where a perfectly amazing television series is cut-short by a company who hadn’t realized the potential it had. But at least some of them actually got to continue their stories even if it was just for one-off thing (Firefly), while others were left doomed and at the hands of uncertainty.


Such was the case for a little show called Pushing Daisies, a bubbly romantic-comedy drama that touched upon the subject of death and mourning in an almost Seuss like setting. It starred Lee Pace and Anna Friel, whose chemistry on the screen was as sweet as it was bitter. It played well with the whole “will they/won’t they?” concept by adding the unique twist of death to really keep the viewers on their toes.


Sadly however, the show only lasted for two seasons before being cancelled by ABC. Show creator Bryan Fuller announced at the time that the story will conclude in a comic sequel, which left many fans displeased and heartbroken. Still the love for the show continues, and even now it appears that former members of the cast are eager to bring it back for one last Hurrah!


During an interview with Digital Spy, lead actress Anna Friel expressed her desire for the development of a Pushing Daisies sequel. “We should all get together and do a Pushing Daisies movie or something” she said “Every single member of the cast [loved it], and the fans are very passionate about it”.


For the past few years the show has received attention for being one of the few good shows to have been cancelled too soon, and last year it was ranked as Esquire’s top TV shows fans want for a reboot. We would certainly love to see this come to fruition, giving us a little more Ned and Chuck in our lives.



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