Anna Leone – I Never Really | Music Video


Swedish artist Anna Leone has unveiled a visual for “I Never Really”, staring as the main character with some very nice synchronised cars in action. “I Never Really” was directed by Victoria Lafaurie & Hector Albouker and premiered on French Vogue. Anna says that:


The song deals with the idea of suppressing things you don’t want to deal with and wondering if that’s right or wrong and how that impacts your life and relationships.


This is the most recent song I’ve written and the latest one recorded in the studio so it all came together very quickly. I was writing a lot at home and this one stood out as something very sincere. I discovered the riff first and everything sort of fell into place after that, both the lyrics and the melody.


As a young kid, Anna used to invest a lot of time on video games until she reached her teenage years where she noticed the opportunities music had, when it came to dealing with emotions. This led her to learn to play covers of songs on her mother’s acoustic guitar, which later developed to into lyric and song-writing.


You can watch Anna’s shot night-time video here:




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