LION BABE + Moe Moks – Rockets | Music Video


New York electro-soul duo LION BABE give us a feast for the eyes, joined by rapper Moe Moks, in their new video for “Rockets“.


The video sees the pair, alongside Moe Moks enter plainly dressed into a discreetly camouflaged building and get transported into club that literally exceeds expectations. Imagine if the world of Netflix’s The Get Down was brought to life in a modern-day ballroom setting. Yes, it’s that kind of vibe.
Everyone is in fancy dress, from a samurai to Batman to a pageant queen and busting some moves to this infectious song.


The video then flips to some more psychedelic vibes with some sparkly and visually appealing choreography. The song becomes cross between electro-soul and South African vibes, thanks to DJ Mona & Guy Furious‘ lively uptempo remix of the song.


On the direction of the video, which LION BABE helped direct with Chalalai Fischbach and Jett Cain, they said “[It was] great to take a break from all the madness in the world to celebrate each other, art, and expression. [It was] a reminder that there is still magic in the world.


Have a look at their new video below. It’s definitely a must watch.




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