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Annabelle Wallis


Alex Kurtzman has added Annabelle Wallis as a casting target for his remake of the Universal monster classic The Mummy. Kurtzman already has Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella on board but according to The Hollywood Reporter, he is keen for Peaky Blinders star Wallis to join them.


Kurtzman is the latest to take a leaf out of Marvel’s book as he intends for The Mummy to be the first film in a shared universe populated by all of Universal’s classic monsters which scared audiences to death in the 1930’s and 40’s. This shared universe will see modern remakes of films such as DraculaFrankenstein and The Wolf Man, all produced by Chris Morgan and Alex Kurtzman.


Boutella will be playing the titular character and Tom Cruise will be a special forces soldier who goes up against her. If Wallis does sign on then it has been reported that she will play a scientist.


Wallis is currently on cinema screens in Sacha Baron Cohen’s Grimsby and will also have a role in Guy Ritchie‘s attempt to create a shared universe via Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur.



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