Annie Murphy To Star In Comedy ‘Witness Protection’ From ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Writers

Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy is set to star in a feature comedy written by the writers of the hit show, titled Witness Protection. Rupinder Gill and David West Read will pen the script while Murphy will also executive produce the project, which is being developed for MRC Film’s female-driven comedy division.

Murphy will star as a woman forced to redefine the meaning of her life and what she holds most dear after being put into the witness protection program. She has always defined herself by the standards of her romantic life, but now Murphy’s protagonist must attempt to figure out who she really is on the inside while maintaining her cover and keeping criminals at bay.

Witness Protection was originally developed in-house by Alloy Entertainment, who then worked with Murphy to package the project that was ultimately sold to MRC.

The film joins a number of other female-led projects coming out of MRC Films’ comedy division, including The Inheritance from Ashley Nicole Black (A Black Lady Sketch Show) and Let’s Have Kids! from Ellie Knaus and Adam Sztykiel.

Murphy’s performance in Schitt’s Creek earned her an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series last year, one of the many accolades the show earned in its sixth and final season. She is currently starring in AMC’s dark comedy Kevin Can F**k Himself, and is set to star in the second season of Netflix’s time-loop dramedy, Russian Doll.

Schitt’s Creek grew from a well received but underseen show into a critical phenomenon once it debuted on Netflix in 2017, peaking with all those Emmy wins after its final season. Anything the writers and cast are set to be involved in should gets fans excited, so Murphy starring in a feature comedy penned by two of the show’s writers is ideal.


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