Another SAW Film Is In The Making From ‘Jigsaw’ Writers | Film News


2010 marked the end of the SAW franchise with SAW 3D: The Final Chapter. As much as this series was loved by the fans they knew that more films wouldn’t be a good idea as it would hurt the franchise. Last year, after a seven-year break, another film in the universe of John Kramer hit the theaters, Jigsaw. It wasn’t a big surprise that it was such a huge hit in the box-office (even if it had some critics).


In January it was rumored that Twisted Pictures, the production company of the whole franchise, would want to release a new SAW sequel. Bloody Disgusting have now reported that writers Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg are currently working on the script to make SAW 9 happen. It is also known that the previous directors Michael and Peter Spierig won’t be returning.


As for the moment, that is the only known thing. No new director is currently attached to the project and even what they will show us in the new film is unknown but there are so many loose ends in the whole franchise that there is enough to explore in the future.



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