Antigoni Releases Emotionally Charged New Single ‘Lie Lie’

Kicking off the start of a new month brings an eclectic fusion of melodies as singer-songwriter Antigoni releases her first single for the year entitled “Lie Lie“. This Greek rising star enters the music industry determined to showcase her unique sound that meshes a plethora of cultures, which will also be explored within her upcoming EP due for release later this year.

Produced by the incredibly talented Trey Qua, “Lie Lie” is a poignant exploration of trust and recovery in relationships. This new single delves into the complex and often painful journey of trying to rebuild a relationship after the trust has been shattered.

Through Antigoni’s emotive lyrics and infectious melodies, the song captures the raw emotions of betrayal, forgiveness, and the struggle to find peace of mind in the aftermath of deception.

Lie Lie is a reflection of the conflicting emotions that arise when you want to forgive someone for their mistakes, but deep down, you know that the damage is irreparable. It’s like trying to piece together a broken mirror – no matter how hard you try, the cracks never truly disappear. I wanted to convey the feelings of disappointment, hurt, and frustration in a way that felt both relatable and uplifting,” Antigoni explained.

“The collaboration with Trey Qua, alongside Lana Lubany and Connor Mullally, brought a unique energy to the song, adding layers of depth and emotion to the storytelling.

Driven by addictive melodies and captivating beats, “Lie Lie” showcases Antigoni’s distinctive vocal prowess and Trey Qua’s production magic, creating a musical experience that resonates with listeners on a soulful level.

With over 9 million Spotify streams and a global fanbase, Antigoni has drawn support from notable figures like Jack Saunders from Radio 1, Manny Norte from Capital Xtra, and Ellie Prohan on her Kiss FM Nights. Her tracks have seen regular support in Spotify’s New Pop UK, Fresh Finds Pop, and Fresh Finds playlists. Apple Music has also featured her music in New Music Daily, Breaking R&B, New in Pop, New in R&B, and The Best New Music round-ups.

Antigoni continues to push boundaries in her musical journey, exploring themes of love, loss, and resilience through her poignant lyrics and soulful performances. The song is a testament to her artistic evolution and unwavering commitment to authenticity and vulnerability in her music.

Antigoni is gearing up for her next EP, with singles releasing across the summer of 2024. As one of the UK’s most exciting talents, bridging Western and Middle Eastern soundscapes, she continues to grow with every release.

“Lie Lie” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Listen to this powerful new single below.


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