Seb Szabo Releases Joyful New Single ‘Perfect Symmetry’

California-born and Melbourne-raised musician Seb Szabo has unveiled his latest single, “Perfect Symmetry” a track that beautifully encapsulates his unique blend of heartfelt storytelling and indie rock energy. The single features a prominent saxophone melody that adds a layer of joyous exuberance to the track, making it a feel-good anthem perfect for summer playlists.

The song was crafted in London with producer Matt McGuffie, known for his work with artists like Tia Gostelow and Ivey. The song showcases Szabo’s signature style of turning personal anecdotes into relatable and inspiring music, echoing the influences of idols like Coldplay.

“Perfect Symmetry” not only highlights Szabo’s musical versatility but also his ability to connect deeply with his audience. The song’s autobiographical nature and honest lyricism resonate with listeners, putting the “hope” in hopeless romanticism. It’s a testament to Szabo’s talent for crafting songs that are both personal and universally appealing.

Fresh from his residency with Sofar Sounds and a series of sold-out backyard shows in Melbourne, Szabo’s return from London has been marked by a renewed creative vigor. His recent performances, including a sold-out hometown show at the Bergy Bandroom, have been praised for their warmth, energy, and infectious joy.

Known for his commanding voice and captivating stage presence, Szabo’s future releases promise to be fresh, uplifting additions to his growing discography. As he continues to build his career, his latest single is a promising indicator of what’s to come. With more music and performances on the horizon, Seb Szabo is set to further solidify his place in the indie rock scene.

If you want to experience the magic of “Perfect Symmetry” the single is now available for streaming on all major platforms. Stream it here!


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