Antoine Fuqua Signs First-Look Deal With Netflix

Director Antoine Fuqua, who recently collaborated with Netflix on the English-language remake of Danish thriller The Guilty, has signed a first-look deal with the streamer. The multi-project agreement will be executed under Fuqua’s newly renamed production banner Hill District Media.

The deal comes about after Netflix deemed The Guilty a success thanks to star Jake Gyllenhaal getting some awards buzz for his performance. While there’s no new project on Fuqua’s agenda yet, he called working with Netflix a “rewarding experience, both from an artistic and collaborative point of view” before adding that he is “beyond excited to continue this relationship.”

Vice president at Netflix Film, Tendo Nagenda, praised Fuqua as an “impactful storyteller who believes art can create meaningful change in the world.”

Fuqua has previously directed such films as Training Day, The Equalizer, and Southpaw.

He’s currently working on thriller Emancipation starring Will Smith for Apple TV+, while he’s also developing thriller series The Terminal List starring Chris Pratt, which is in the works at Amazon for a likely 2022 release.

Fuqua has long been a successful action filmmaker, which is highlighted by the fact that he currently has projects in the works at three of the major steaming platforms. Netflix will be hoping that by locking him into this deal, they are the sole benefactors of the on-screen thrills Fuqua will helm over the next number of years.


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