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This week, Apple used its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC) to unveil the latest reiteration iOS, the uber-famous firmware of iPhone. To preview iOS 10, the company shared a video set to a curious and pretty catchy bit of music.


The song, called “Hey, Hi, Hello”, is by a mysterious group called Hollywood Wildlife: there is literally no information to be found on social media about the band, which is not surprising considering Apple’s passion for pushing new artists through their ad campaigns.


However, what is surprising is how the song is incredibly similar to Shamir‘s breakthrough single, “On The Regular”. Australian superstar Troye Sivan immediately reached the Vegas-born singer through a very shady tweet, asking him if he had “legal representation”. Shamir simply retweeted it and neither him or his record label released any statements.



Now, the two songs sound very similar, both in terms of lyrics (“Hey, Hi, Hello” vs “Hi, Hi, Howdy Howdy, Hi Hi!”) and in the heave usage of cowbell rhythms, but is it enough for us to call it a plagiarism?



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