‘Archer’ Season 5, Episode 13 – Arrival/Departure | TV Review


A doula, a word I’ve never heard until this point, is a person who gives support to the woman who is giving birth. They aren’t midwives though, as far as I can gather. What does this have to with Archer you ask? Well this is the episode where Lana (Aisha Tyler) finally gives birth to a female human child, and (spoilers) the child’s father is Archer: a wise choice if there ever was one. Who would make a better father than an alcoholic womanizer with a death-wish?


The highlight of the episode, almost inevitably it seems, comes in the form of Cheryl/Carol/Cherlene/Whatever (Judy Greer). She spends the entire episode acting like a loon, with that oddly satisfied smirk she always seems to have, and keeps forgetting that Lana is giving birth while she is right in front of her. She finds babies “gross” though, so perhaps it is a coping mechanism developed from a past trauma.


What the best part of the episode was though, in my opinion, was when Krieger (Lucky Yates), or one of his clones, explains that he never actually injected a chip into her brain and that it was in fact a sticker. Words cannot describe the brilliance (hyperbole) of the following sentence; I shall have it framed and hung upon my wall forevermore:
Carol/Cheryl/Cherlene: “Whoa. So my whole life, all I ever had to do was believe in myself? And inject a sticker into my brain?“. Archer is available on Netflix.



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