Are ‘Millennial Pink’ Sneakers This Year’s Shoe Trend? | Fashion News

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Are ‘Millennial Pink’ Sneakers This Year’s Shoe Trend? | Fashion News


The practical footwear trend keeps resurfacing throughout the fashion industry and it seems this year’s main sneaker of choice is one that includes the colour pink within their designs. Many fashion bloggers have been known to wear the shoe as a casual day to day, out and about look. Matching the light colour to their jackets or shirts. It gives off an effortless, yet put together look that adds a sense of practical to what would be a chic, sophisticated look.




Nike also recently announced a pink range, which matches the trend nicely. The range include every sport item you could possibly conjure up in the softest millennial pink colour. Perfect for those wishing to join the hype and hop onto the trend. Fashion bloggers, such as Sarah Ashcroft and Yasmin Channel have also been seen with the look. Giving inspiration to those who follow them on how to perfectly style the shoe.





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