Are Questionably Shaped Sunglasses The New Style Trend? | Fashion News


The sunny English weather lasted all but one week, now the rain is upon us and as are the dreary winter months of autumn and winter. However, even with the sun slowly fading and our tans disappearing by the day, sunglasses are still within trend, and still acceptable to wear.


It seems that tinted sunglasses have had their moment and even though they are still seen within the fashion industry, the hype isn’t so big now. It’s all about the bold shaped, quirky styles now. The weirder, the better! Many celebs have been seen to be wearing sunglasses with unusual shapes to them, particular small sunglasses as well. It seems the fashionable wide framed sunnies are no longer on the scene, unless you’re Kim Kardashian who seems to wear the style to death.







The style can be found within high street stores and online through sites such as Pretty Little Thing, Oh Polly and Missguided. All for a reasonable price that means they are affordable fashion yet will keep you up to date with the most in demand popular style.





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