Arena Rock Band Callisto Unveil New Track ‘Best Shot’

Arena rock band Callisto has just released their latest single, “Best Shot“, a hard-hitting and catchy rock song that deals with the weight of loss and the growth that comes after it.

With a punk-rock intensity and a Blink-182 feel, “Best Shot” showcases Callisto’s powerful sound and proves that the rising band is here to stay.

According to the band, “This one is a self-motivating anthem, we wanted to do a modern take on classic Blink-182, Lit era rock anthems. It’s always about making the songs the best they can be, but the music video is an opportunity to just have fun.”

Originally a side project for most of its members, Callisto began making music together for pleasure before realizing they had something special that should be shared.

The music video for their debut song, “This Is Awkward”, which was released on February 10 along with the single, has already garnered an impressive 162,000 views.

With their fusion of genres including pop, grunge, hardcore, and punk, Callisto appeals to fans of Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and Blink-182, while also providing a contemporary edge that will attract fans of Turnstile and Bring Me the Horizon.

Frontmen Howi Spangler (also of Ballyhoo!), Brandon Hardesty (notably of Bumpin Uglies), and Rob DiNanno share vocal responsibilities in an equal and unusual way, giving the band a unique sound. James DiNanno, a drummer and songwriter, founded the band and provides an intense energy and vision.

Listen to “Best Shot” by Callisto below and experience the power of this rising arena rock band.


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