Columbus Punk Rock Group Spice Jar Share New Track ‘While I Stay Gone’

Spice Jar is a punk rock collaboration between Columbus residents Zack Elswick and Alonso Zavala that brings a unique, high-energy sound to the DIY post-hardcore genre. Their music features catchy pop-like elements mixed with heavy, raw vibes, and gloomy contemplative lyrics.

Originally started as a side project in late 2019, the band quickly became Elswick and Zavala’s primary focus during the pandemic when they were unable to perform with their original band. Their first set of singles released in 2020 was intended for a niche audience, but with the help of producer Jakob Mooney, they transformed their sound from bedroom-lofi to radio-ready pop-punk.

Their debut EP, “Rom-Com,” received favourable reviews in the DIY and Emo revival scene. Their first single, “I Can’t Sleep,” received daily radio play in their state for 14 months, giving the band the motivation to expand their fan base beyond small clubs. Their second hit single, “Otero,” enjoyed similar success and was even played daily in Columbus’s international airport.

With the help of curators, playlisters, and bloggers, Spice Jar gained a wider audience, and their music started to spread worldwide. The band is currently writing their second EP, “Stranger In My Room,” which explores themes of sadness, rejection, and feeling unrecognisable to oneself.

Their latest single, “While I Stay Gone,” has been widely accessible since 3/10/2023 and builds on the success of their previous work. The band’s debut song, “For Your Eyes Only,” released on Christmas Day, exceeded expectations and created great momentum for their future projects.

Spice Jar’s DIY post-hardcore sound is unique, catchy, and has the potential to become a staple in the punk rock scene. Listen to their latest release “While I Stay Gone” below, and experience the raw energy and powerful sound of this emerging band.


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