Arewa – Nappy | New Music


Translated from Yoruba language, arewa means beautiful. However, she never wanted to be just a beautiful woman. Arewa is an inspiration motivating women to do more. She uses her art to give a strong opinion about real, natural beauty and self acceptance. And her latest single, the smooth and easy “Nappy” is all about that.


The Brooklyn-based Nigerian is a singer, actress, dancer, model, writer, director, cinematographer and editor – the list of artist’s activities is endless. This time we’re focusing on her music, which is a must to be discovered. Arewa uses her sweet angelic voice for strict and bold statements, encouraging self-love.


“Nappy” is about accepting your own body and not caring about other opinions. Arewa sings that she’s “all glowed up in this skin of mine. Absorbing rays, so pardon my shine.” She’s just happy to be nappy!


Listen to the soulful and inspiring Arewa’s new track “Nappy” below:




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