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Arkansas band/duo Rightfield have just dropped a brand new song titled “Birthday Party’. Talking about real experiences and feelings, the duo puts the right words on a very common subject. It’s a basic story but with the sounds and the soft voice, the single is straight-away more interesting, and even makes you think of a terrible birthday party you have experienced…


As the duo explains, the story is from a very specific experience, during one of their friend’s party, where he ran into an ex for the first time. A very common story but the band wanted to write about it because of how relatable and poetic the situation is for any listener of any age.


The song is literally for everyone, we can all place ourselves in the corner at a party wondering why we decided to show up, trying to maintain small-talk with a half-stranger next to you, over some loud music.


The duo chose a non-rock vibe here, more of a pop one. The idea of giving a new type of sound came very casually, and as Hoelscher described the making of the song: “The idea for the song took shape after sitting in my living room messing around with an ENGL e765 retro tube and recording my old, beat up Seagull acoustic through my iPhone. The two paired really well together to give this familiar, clean vintage sound, with a modern retro touch“.


Reed Hoelscher and Jack Blocker grew up together and formed the band years after, because sometimes we need old friends to do something brand new and fresh. They are a genre-bending Arkansas duo that’s making a sound you’ve never heard before.


The duo Hoelscher and Blocker met in kindergarten and remained close friends until Hoelscher left for another school to pursue athletics. But when Hoelscher discovered he had an autoimmune disorder, it led to making him realize he wanted to be a musician. And just a few years later, the band formed and have since, grown in the pop music space.


They are definitely a band to look out for in the next few years, developing a strong fan-base and a unique sound to their names, the duo will really be out there making great music.


Listen to “Birthday party” just below.




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