Asian American Producer And Songwriter Lucky Yu Shares New Track ‘Priority List’

David Yu, under his solo project Lucky Yu, is making waves in the electro-pop genre with his captivating single “Priority List,” featuring the talented Charlotte June.

This release, marking his second consecutive collaboration with June, showcases his ability to blend ethereal vocals with electronic beats, creating a unique sonic experience.

Born and raised in Austin, David Yu’s journey in music began as a classically trained pianist at the young age of six. His exploration into music production during his early teens marked a pivotal moment, as music transformed from a childhood hobby into a profound source of comfort and expression. Despite growing up in an environment where academic pursuits were prioritized over artistic ones, David Yu’s passion for music remained undeterred.

David Yu’s commitment to his craft is evident in the year he spent refining his skills before releasing his debut singles. His artistic vision is to create sonically pleasing productions with experimental edges, drawing inspiration from artists like FKA Twigs and Caroline Polachek.

The collaboration with Charlotte June, sparked by Yu’s discovery of her FKA twigs cover of “Cellophane,” has blossomed into a creatively fruitful partnership, producing an EP’s worth of music, including “Priority List.”

This track stands out for its unique fusion of sad pop and UK garage elements, underpinned by a soul-stirring narrative that resonates with anyone who’s ever felt neglected or undervalued in a relationship.

As Lucky Yu, David Yu is rapidly establishing himself in the indie-electronic pop scene. “Priority List” is not just a song; it’s a statement of his artistic identity and commitment to creating music that transcends conventional boundaries.

His journey, marked by persistence and a deep love for music, is just beginning, and the release of “Priority List” is a promising glimpse into what’s to come from this dynamic artist.

Listen to “Priority List” below!


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