Atlanta Green’s ‘The Immigrants’ Live At The Bread And Roses Theatre – Sunday, February 12 | Events



“Not many things in life as awkward as being stuck in a lift with strangers, strangers that want to do stuff like.. talk”.


Published author, spoken word artist, blogger and playwright, Atlanta Green, is a woman of many talents. Kicking off the new year with a bang, Atlanta has announced that she will be showcasing her theatre short, entitled The Immigrants, at the Bread And Roses Theatre as part of Goblin Baby Theatre productions event, Where Do We Go From Here on Sunday, February 12.


The Immigrants will be a 10 minute production that’s been picked up by the Goblin Baby Theatre production team, who have decided to feature her piece as part of their evening dedicated to showcasing new writing from theatre makers, in response to Brexit and Trump.


To find out more info and for tickets click here.



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