Atlanta Rapper Hey-Zooz Shares New Single ‘Faded‘ With Us | Music News


After his successful release “Go” in July, Atlanta-based conscious hip-hop artist Hey-Zooz is offering his new genre-blending track titled “Faded”.


His deeply and honest songwriting ranges from topics as personal growth and mental health. With his music he opens up more and more towards the listeners and shares thoughts and emotions in an understandable way.


Because of his eclectic and genre-breaking style new releases are always a surprise. “Faded” goes in a different direction than any song he shared before. The beat was produced by Micah Cohn and meshes well with Hey-Zooz’s rap lines.


For the cover art, Hey-Zooz merged his face graphically with a lion and picks up on the main message of the song: that we all have to accept our greatness. Matching with this cover the hole song sparkles positive vibes.


“Faded” is about who we want to be in life and how we can become that person by fading into feeling, being, and doing better in all facets of life. Especially in times like this were everything is seeming to fade into negativity and anger we need songs like this which embody a positive statement.


I wanted Faded to be about removing my mask and showing my fans who I am and in turn, helping them find out who they are in the process”, Hey-Zooz explains. He also wants to encourage the listeners to pass emotional turmoil.


I think it’s important people see that there is a way out of anything they are facing. No one should be living in constant pain”, he points out in addition.


Listen to the encouraging track below!




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