Austin Based Musicians Avara and Four Join Forces On New Single ‘Withdrawal’

On August 18, 2023, the multifaceted singer, songwriter, and producer Avara unveiled a striking collaboration with the R&B and Pop sensation, Four.

Their new track, “Withdrawal,” paints a vivid picture of two lovers — physically separated, yet emotionally intertwined — as they navigate the tangled web of longing, uncertainty, and complex emotions, all set to a contemporary R&B rhythm infused with soulful undertones.

Delving into the song’s essence, Avara describes “Withdrawal” as “a sultry anthem of yearning and wanting someone so intensely, yet finding oneself caught in the limbo of uncertainty. It’s about craving clarity in a situation that feels increasingly toxic.”

Echoing her sentiments, Four adds, “We aimed to encapsulate the vicious cycle of loneliness, desire, and the masking of codependency that can so often pervade relationships.”

Inspired by artists like Raveena, Smino, and Ambré, and profoundly moved by the lyrical depth of Taylor Swift, Avara embarked on her musical path at 19. Her goal? To craft music that resonates deeply, offering both solace and reflection.

As an Indian-American artist, she holds a deep reverence for her cultural roots, constantly aiming to honor them in her work. Moreover, she fervently champions the idea of recognizing and celebrating one’s unique identity and inherent worth.

On the other hand, Four’s entrancing vocal prowess, especially his captivating falsetto, first caught the public’s attention through original compositions and covers showcased on YouTube.

Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Miguel and Frank Ocean, he channels human emotions — from profound love to heart-wrenching sorrow — into his tracks. Fans can eagerly anticipate more innovative and heartfelt tunes in his upcoming EP.

Experience the sonic journey of “Withdrawal” by Avara and Four below.


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