Australian Artist And Producer GVY Releases New Single ‘Deeper’

GVY has released a brand new song titled “Deeper”. The track was written and self-produced through a new relationship, something new and electrifying that makes you melt into the other person without second thoughts.

The artist has made clear that he wants the people who listen to “Deeper” to feel the same as he felt when he was in that situation: with the heart in the mouth, a sensual adrenaline and a certain magnetism when you feel yourself being dragged closer to someone else.

He uses this experience where he wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the entire track all by himself and claims that it was a great opportunity to consolidate his musical identity.

According to the artist, he had already started on this track back in 2019. But a problem occurred and the laptop where he stored all his other ideas had a major software malfunction and he ended up losing a ton of music that he was working on.

That was an unfortunate situation that drove him to restock old ideas and that’s when he was instantly pulled by “Deeper”. He even adds that he wouldn’t have gone back to this song if it wasn’t for the computer malfunction so in the end, he should be thankful that he was able to save something.

Listen to “Deeper” here:


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