Australian Artist DL Releases New Song ‘Dear Ma (Love In Return)’

Australian artist DL has recently unveiled his latest musical gem, “Dear Ma (Love in Return),” a heartfelt melody released on March 1st.

This track provides an immersive experience, skillfully blending gospel and hip-hop influences, featuring elements like choirs, organs, brass instruments, and poignant lyrics.

DL’s latest musical offering takes a direction reminiscent of Chance The Rapper’s unique style, creating a warm and catchy atmosphere. Renowned producers SB90 and Rudy Sandapa, known for their work on “Give You Love” with Jessica Mauboy and Jason Derulo, have brought their expertise to the production and mixing of this song, adding an extra layer to the overall sound.

Collaborator Rowie J, an Australian singer and songwriter, lends her silky voice and collaborates with a vibrant choir, creating a captivating auditory experience. The song seems to be more than just a composition, serving as a sincere birthday gift from DL to his mother, as he emphasizes, with a slightly “cheesy” touch to give it an extra motivational boost for maximum exposure.

This musical piece follows DL’s previous successes, including the award-winning video “Lost an Angel,” which received accolades at the Los Angeles Film Awards and the Europe Music Awards. His track “Freedom,” in collaboration with Grammy winner Jackie’s Boy, also succeeded, reaching the top 10 in various charts after being added to rotation on US college radio.

DL is no stranger to collaborating with renowned artists, having worked with figures such as Guy Sebastian, Lupe Fiasco, and Sammie. His musical versatility and ability to blend hip-hop with elements of R&B and pop have earned him unique opportunities in the music industry.

Hailing from Melbourne, DL began his artistic journey in 2011 by collaborating with Guy Sebastian on the global hit “Battle Scars.” This opportunity began his rise as an artist, leading him to work with internationally acclaimed acts such as Keri Hilson, Bobby Valentino, Next, and Joe.

In addition to his international success, DL has also been praised on the Australian scene, receiving acclaim from radio stations such as Radio Adelaide, PBS FM, Triple J, and KISS FM. His single “LOVE” was particularly well-received, earning praises from Tyrone Pynor and Triple J’s music director, Dave Ruby Howe.

“Dear Ma (Love in Return)” represents a new milestone in DL’s musical career, skillfully combining elements of gospel and hip-hop to create a captivating work. With his track record of success and the ability to collaborate with exceptional talents, DL promises to continue enchanting listeners worldwide with his innovative and emotional music.

Listen to “Dear Ma (Love in Return)” below!


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