The Eighty Six Seas Unveils ‘Frames’ From New Album ‘Scenes From An Art Heist’

Brooklyn-based artist Nick Stevens, who goes by the moniker The Eighty Six Seas, has released new single “Frames” alongside their new album Scenes From An Art Heist.

Speaking about “Frames” and how it came about, Stevens shares that it “came about when I visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston for the first time in 2015. The Museum was the site of the largest art heist in history, and to this day the frames that housed the stolen artwork hang on the walls as a reminder of what was lost.

The first time I saw the room where most of the artwork was stolen, I had a visceral reaction to the absence of the pieces. It was eerie and spooky. I remember thinking ‘pour one out for the frames’. Imagine waking up one morning, thrown carelessly on the floor, with something beautiful torn out of you.

Now you have to act normal, and hang on the wall, but you know that you’ve had something beautiful torn out of you and everyone can see it. You know there are others out there like you, but you can’t see them. It seemed an apt metaphor for a breakup, and that’s how Frames was born.

Released on February 23, 2024, his Scenes From An Art Heist album marks a significant shift in Stevens’ musical journey, delving into a realm where indie rock, dance, folk, EDM and country converge to create a unique aural experience.

Stevens, known for his silky yet haunting voice, has created an album that defies categorization. Each track in “Scenes From An Art Heist” is an inspired tale of the infamous 1990 art heist from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Through fictionalized stories, Stevens explores the complex dynamics of human relationships, delving into the psychology behind drastic actions such as art theft.

Collaborating with David Knox, Chris Anthony and Dave Anthony, Stevens meticulously recorded the album at The Record Co, infusing each track with layers of emotion and depth. The finishing touches were added in Stevens’ Brooklyn apartment, further imbuing the album with his personal touch and artistic vision.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind Scenes From An Art Heist, Stevens recalls his visit to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 2015. He describes the museum’s eerie atmosphere, where empty frames still hang on the walls as reminders hauntings of the stolen artwork.

This experience sparked a deep emotional response in Stevens, leading him to contemplate the void left by the absence of art and the invisible connections between individuals.

For fans of Frightened Rabbit, The National and those who appreciate music that challenges and provokes, Scenes From An Art Heist is a must-have. Join The Eighty Six Seas on this captivating musical journey and experience the magic of “Scenes From An Art Heist” for yourself.

Listen to “Frames” from Scenes From An Art Heist below!


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