Australian Artist Greg Gould Releases New Single ‘Marching On’

The Australian soul sensation Greg Gould releases his new original anthem, “Marching On“,  and a poignant music video to go along with it. This comes shortly after his stirring Pride Cup halftime performance at AAMI Park Stadium.

Gould’s “Marching On” is an empowering and transparent statement that sheds attention on the ongoing struggle for acceptance and equality that the LGBT community endures. It is a song that exudes vigour, passion, and optimism. The LGBTQIA+ community’s ambition and passion are embodied in the song, which is replete with pride and soaring voices.

Deep bass notes and heavenly harmonies combine with Gould’s thunderous, booming voice to create a tune that is incredibly emotive. ‘Marching On’ is a motivating music for the whole community, along with catchy violins and cheerful production.

He explain : “Music is so powerful and can change the world. ‘Marching On’ is a brave, fierce and powerful anthem that celebrates how far we’ve come; never forgetting the struggles, the lives lost and the shoulders we stand on to be where we are today.”

Greg Gould, one of the most intriguing and well-liked musicians working today in Australia, combines the appeal of Rag’n’Bone, Sam Smith, and The Weeknd to create music that tells immersive stories. Having finished second on Australia’s Got Talent in 2013, Gould has hit milestone after milestone.

His award-winning music videos have had more than 20 million views, and his 2020 album, 1998, opened at number one in the Australian charts : he has achieved fame as a vocalist on a global scale.

Gould has been recognised by ACON for his efforts in eradicating the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS and has received several nominations for the Australian LGBTI Awards. Gould use his passion, his voice, and his art to speak out for the LGBTQIA+ community.

If you want to hear authentic, soulful music that speaks from the heart, listen to the single “Marching On” below:


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