Maltese Singer-Songwriter Shaun Farrugia Shares His New Track ‘Vertigo’

London-based Maltese singer and songwriter, Shaun Farrugia, has just released his latest track “Vertigo“. The song showcases Shaun’s talent as a songwriter and singer with its gentle yet powerful sound that creates a pleasant listening experience.

Shaun is known for his soulful and passionate music that has already gained a loyal following worldwide. His inspirations come from musicians such as Coldplay and Kane. His personal story is remarkable and adds to the authenticity of his music. Overcoming hardship, he has discovered his own path in life and carved out a niche for himself in a field that doesn’t always accept outsiders.

“Vertigo” highlights Shaun’s emotional vulnerability. The song features a euphoric piano hook set against cinematic soundscapes, creating an alternative rock aura that expresses the whirlwind of love through a sincere ballad.

The video for “Vertigo” is directed by Simon Lane, known for his work with Tom Grennan, Cian Ducrot, and Bastille. It features a couple expressing their love, resentment, and forgiveness through modern dance, set against the backdrop of a deserted seashore.

Shaun Farrugia is a gifted Maltese entertainer who is more than just his music. His personal story adds depth and authenticity to his music, making it relatable and inspiring for his fans worldwide.

Listen to “Vertigo” and experience Shaun Farrugia’s soulful and passionate sound that is sure to captivate you. The music video is available to watch below!


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