Australian Artist Hazel Mei Releases Climate Change Anthem ‘Golden Chains’

Brisbane-based Hazel Mei masterfully blends indie-pop with jazz and neo-soul across her back catalogue, with a gentle yet sensual tone that oozes elegance. She is no stranger to a sombre, transforming composition, and her newest single “Golden Chains” is no exception; she’s here to talk about climate change.

The new song showcases Hazel’s distinct style, with layers of piano, soulful vocals, and subtle atmospherics building to a dramatic, electric chorus. The climate change song, a Bond-esque piece loaded with dismal angst, has not only a strong message but also enormous commercial appeal, while also managing to capture the essence of a raw and furious live performance

According to Hazel, “‘Golden Chains’ is a call to action for anyone who will listen and also for myself. We can so easily fall into feeling powerless within these big issues. When I wrote the song I felt broken, paralysed by the endless stream of bad news.

But the consuming and creating music and art in relation to climate change helped me feel motivated to educate myself myself on better daily practices, participate in productive conversations with friends and family as well as attend protests, sign petitions and contact local MP’s to try make change“.

Listen to the song here:


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