Spanish Newcomer Len Unveils Debut Single ‘Not Around’

On October 21, Spanish artist Len released her debut single titled “Not Around” via Amsterdam-based independent label New Ams Radar.

The Spanish musician has already established a soulful voice and thoughtful lyrics that sound like they were penned by a master at such a young point in her career. The song “Not Around” was inspired by lessons acquired from previous relationships.

She eventually came upon a book by Sherry Argov called Why Men Love B***hes after some ups and downs. She experienced an epiphany after swallowing herself in the book and she came to the conclusion that you only need yourself.

Len’s “Not Around” has strong feminist undertones but doesn’t overtly state them. She can harmonise nicely on a beat that flows naturally. The song is an anthem for anyone who can recognise the need of loving themselves first.

Not only does the world-traveling singer promote a brand of self-worth, but she also brings a global perspective to her expressive style of R&B and Soul. Len has lived in a number of locations; she is half Zimbabwean and half Spanish, and she grew up listening to everyone from Nina Simone to Amy Winehouse, which has informed her genre-hopping inclinations.

She took the plunge into making music in 2021, releasing her first songs and established herself as a must-see young Amsterdam-based sensation. She is now ready to share her open-hearted style with an international audience, with new releases scheduled for the following year and beyond.

Listen to the song here:


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