Australian Band Scarlet Drive Release ‘Sydney’ Inspired By Life’s Biggest ‘What If’ Moments

So many incredible emotions and stories are contained in Scarlet Drive’s first double A-side, you won’t even imagine. The Australian band has just announced their new release, which is the result of tough times and decisions.

Firstly, the pandemic. A difficult time for everyone, especially for Australia, which has gone through the longest lockdown in the world.

Scarlet Drive’s first double A-side is their first project ever to be produced remotely and because of the uniqueness of this production, the Australian band decided to release together the two songs that have been written over the pandemic, “Sydney” and “My Kind”.

These songs “have grown up alongside each other, so it only felt right to have them published together in a double A-side”, said Michael Millimaci, the band’s guitarist, commenting on this sentimental decision.

However, the initial idea for this production started in 2019, when the band wanted to create a song inspired by those both terrifying and exciting moments of transitions and insecurity which are always introduced by a huge “What if?” question.

“Sydney” is an homage to the Australian capital city and with its fast and fun melody puts a smile on your face, remembering what moving away and to the big city sounds like.

Scarlet Drive started their musical path in West Australia with a shared passion for alternative rock, quickly becoming a well-known element on Perth’s live music scene.

Unfortunately, their fast-rocking tunes have to say goodbye to one of the members of this four-piece band, Conor Warrilow, the drummer.

Commenting his decision to leave the band because of his willingness to pursue other life projects, Conor says: “Being a part of Scarlet Drive has been such an incredible experience for me. I give my best wishes to the future of the band and will continue to support them in the future – just on the other side of the stage!”

Listen to “Sydney” on Spotify below.


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